Hands across the Globe Newsletter Volume 1 # 2 June 2013

Build a dream and the dream will build you.
Marva McClean-Editor

Dreaming about life’s possibilities works to point us to our potential for success; for realizing our ambitions & achieving our greatest dreams.

June! This is the time of holiday plans, graduation, and wedding bells. For those of us living in tropical climates like south Florida and the Caribbean, it is also hurricane season. In addition to the push and pull of the season, at this mid- point in the year, many of us are feeling the pressure of family, work, and our personal goals pulling us in many directions. What of the plans you made at the start of the year? How close are you in realizing those goals you set?

Stepping Boldly
My dear friends, now, is indeed a good opportunity to take a few moments to reflect on the directions you would like your life to take for the rest of the year. As you assess the pathway you are taking to achieve your material goals, such as increasing your income [one of mine] or improving your home [another one of mine], it is very important to be realistic. In measuring the extent to which you have realized your goals, reflect on your shortfalls but don’t dwell on them. Take some time to critically assess those goals you set and determine whether or not they were really feasible. Now might be the time for you to rethink and refocus. As you do so, identify the resources you will need to achieve these goals by the end of the year, and if you determine that they are not feasible, then identify what is indeed within your reach and outline a realistic plan that will get you there. Remember, the steps you outline to reach your goals must be specific, measurable, and attainable and you must have the resources to achieve these within the specific time you earmark. From this period of quiet reflection, outline a direction to follow for the rest of the year. I truly believe in the saying: Build a dream and the dream will build you.

Seeking Spiritual Inspiration: Bettye-Ann & Marva at the Spanish Monastery in North Miami Beach
As we hurtle headlong into summer, let’s share ways we refresh and recharge our body, mind, and spirit. If like me, you are feeling pulled in many directions, give yourself permission to seek balance. Indulge in a family weekend out of town, a walk in the neighborhood park, or an afternoon with a magazine or a good book. Leonardo da Vinci put it so aptly hundreds of years ago: Every now and then go away, even briefly, have a little relaxation, for when you come back to your work your judgment will be surer. At the time of writing, I just came in from the beach and I must say, the experience was revivifying. I cannot help but marvel at the power of Nature.

Where do you find mental sanctuary? How do you know what revives and refreshes your mind? Outside of work, who are the people, and what are the pursuits, that you most value?

Drum Roll for these Bold New Moves……….
Within our Circle, a significant part of what we do is to hold up our friends and recognize their accomplishments, knowing that as they succeed, they stand ready to pull us up too. So let’s hear a drum for……………..

• Christine has now transitioned from doctoral candidate to ABD as she
completes the writing of her dissertation with plans to graduate in the fall. Massive!

• Rhonda Nicole recently took on the role of Program Coordinator at Fulford United Methodist Church and is sailing on a wave of creativity with ideas to build programs that will inspire children and youth and propel them to great success. Motivated!

Rosie GW recently returned from a leadership retreat with the National Institute for Leadership in Portland, Oregon which she describes as a transformational experience. During her time there, Rosie notes she worked with an intergenerational group from diverse backgrounds who demonstrated a commitment to holding time and place sacred. There were no cell phones, no television sets, no outside distraction. Rosie reflects that the activities they participated in guided participants into probing what is most meaningful in life, an activity which brought her center forward in the acknowledgement that Compassion, Fairness & Consistency are central values in her moral compass. Introspective!

[Marvalous]Marva was recently appointed Publicity Officer to the Board of Directors, Florida Association of Multicultural Education. She was also invited to sit on the Program Planning Committee of the Florida Department of Education’s 2013 Charter School Conference. Inspiring!

Adriana is leading a literacy initiative with a team of volunteer readers as part of The United Way’s involvement in the broader Broward County School Board Reading reform program. The program seeks volunteers who will commit one hour a week for 25 weeks to read to an individual child for that duration of time. Dedicated!

Natasha, twenty- something supermom/student/wife is working on becoming a nurse anesthetist and has begun her studies at Central New Mexico Community College. Empowered!

Marva’s Words

Looking Forward
Whether you travel or remain at home this summer, try to experience something new. I am constantly amazed at the possibilities that abound for new insights and new discoveries even within our local neighborhood when we take the time to seek out new experiences. This summer I will be flying kites in Miami Beach, visiting with kinfolk in St. Mary, where my ancestors lived as far back as 1855. It was there my great-grandfather settled after journeying from Scotland to marry my great-grandmother Elizabeth Martin who bore him seven children. Even as I visit Dressekie, the town that bears the family name, I want to learn more about my roots and some of those invisible factors that have shaped me. I believe the more we experience life, the more we grow.

Courageous Action
Friendship fuels Empowerment. Through our relationships we demonstrate loyalty, consideration, fairness and courtesy. There are times too, when we demonstrate the other side of the coin-abrasiveness, rebuke, anger; it is part of the circle of life. It is always good to remember that when we are in the midst of a negative experience that this is only one of many and not the defining experience of our lives. The human spirit is resourceful and astonishing, for it is able to bounce back after facing the most extreme of adversities. Einstein stated that the solution to a problem must take place at a higher level than the action that created it. What a challenge this poses for us to learn from a negative experience and be empowered by it. Ah my friends, let us take time to rejuvenate, pause, reflect & grow for health is not simply the absence of sickness; it is the presence of courageous action.

Relax, breathe deeply, and look forward. Each day is a jewel with endless possibilities.
Much Love, Marvalous
June 2013

About Dr. Marvalous!

I am an educator, author, and community/cultural activist of Jamaican heritage, deeply concerned about the way we shape and are shaped by society. How do we engage the resources around us to realize our creative potential? How do we give of ourselves to become the change we want to see in this world? It is my intention to engage an audience in energetic and provocative discussions on these issues. https://www.soundtheabengmarvamcclean.com
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