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I am an educator, writer, and community/cultural activist of Jamaican heritage, deeply concerned about the way we shape and are shaped by society. How do we engage the resources around us to realize our creative potential? It is my intention to engage an audience in energetic and provocative discussion on these issues.

Are You My Friend?

Exploring the Mystical Power of Friendship Is it Serendipity? Fate? Or the inevitable colliding of time? What creates that mystical essence of kinship between folk who though meeting for the first time, experience a sense of familiarity, of connection that … Continue reading

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Teach Me How to Whisper…

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Search for Meaning from Life’s Chaos..A Young Friend shares a powerful message

This I Believe You have to live with what is handed to you. by Sarai Age 14 The most important thing to know about the world is that it is not fair. As life goes on, it does not keep … Continue reading

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My Husband/My Friend & the Cookie Isle at Publix by BB Gould [Guest Blogger]

My pastor realized she could not help me anymore and suggested a more qualified therapist was what I needed. Following Frank’s death my sadness spiraled into clinical depression. A bone-aching sadness was how I described it. The laughter and playfulness … Continue reading

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Circle of Friends International Welcomes Guest Blogger, Claudette White from St. Andrew Jamaica

Essential Tracks: Walking the Path of Age Old Remembrances of Childhood Friendship “Why is it that you women who came of age in the 70’s are so strident?” That was the question posed to me in 1997 by Anne, my … Continue reading

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Breakfast by the Beach

A simple meal with a friend can be rich, layered & powerfully sustaining to the soul I have long been fascinated by the allure of the ocean; its vastness, the majestic movement of the waves.  Beachside on any day, especially … Continue reading

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The Discipline of Friendship: Truth Seeking

When friends stop being frank and truthful with each other, the whole world loses some of its radiance.  C. Broyard I have long held the belief that friendship is the most important, most meaningful and lasting of relationships. One of … Continue reading

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Friendship Nurtures the Soul

The company makes the feast.  How wonderful it is to find words that so readily convey the sentiment behind the rituals of the meetings of Circle of Friends, International. I cannot think of words more suitable for the experience of … Continue reading

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Hands across the Globe Newsletter Volume 1 # 2 June 2013

Build a dream and the dream will build you. Marva McClean-Editor Dreaming about life’s possibilities works to point us to our potential for success; for realizing our ambitions & achieving our greatest dreams. June! This is the time of holiday … Continue reading

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The Faces of Friendship

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