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JANUARY 2021                                   COME WHAT MAY, WE ARE THE SURVIVORS! This was the theme that evolved from my GATHERING OF FRIENDS on New Year’s Eve as we tuned in via Zoom to celebrate this magnificent thing called life. While we … Continue reading

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WELCOME 2020! As the year draws to a close, like many others, I find myself reviewing the year and looking forward to the new one about to open itself unto us..welcoming, daring us to achieve our wildest dreams! And this … Continue reading

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As much as it is swept by grief, life is washed with joy embedded in the simple pleasures of the Universe.  Hold your face to the sun, I tell my dear friend caught in the throes of mental anguish. To … Continue reading

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Is it Possible to Live a Life of Ecstasy in 2016?

Open your heart & be a loving witness to yourself in 2016 The Native Americans say that we can live a life of ecstasy everyday as long as we focus on the spiritual world and honor our place in it. … Continue reading

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Two weekends ago I spent the time celebrating with childhood friends.  And I had the time of my life doing so: dancing, catching up on childhood memories and laughing till the tears flowed. My husband and I traveled to Atlanta … Continue reading

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Celebrate Everything!!!

My Dear Friends, Thank You For Your Delightful Source of Friendship & Wisdom!   It has been my greatest wish to foster a creative community of practice which allows the space for empowered women to fellowship and support the creative … Continue reading

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Share Your Legacy & Enrich the Future Why We Should Write: The Miami Book Fair International 2014 How exciting and I must admit, also emotional for me, participating as a panelist on the African/Caribbean Diaspora Genealogy Panel at the 31st … Continue reading

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Nature & The Life of Inner Peace

Rocks, Water & Plants: Let the Power of Nature Renew Your Spirit! The Imagination is Everything. Einstein I am always amazed at the power and potency of the land when I travel or even when I walk and observe familiar … Continue reading

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Turn Your Face to the Sun & the Miracles Will Come

  Amidst the cliches and all the self help talk  that abound one is challenged to determine what makes sense and how to focus one’s energy and attention towards achieving one’s most important goals. Oftentimes, disappointments are slung your way … Continue reading

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Open Your Door to The Excitement & Delight of Discovery!!!

The Best Day of Your Life Don’t start your day with the broken pieces of yesterday. I am not sure just where I read these words, nor can I claim them as my own. However, what I can do is … Continue reading

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