Welcome to Circle of Friends, International

Dear Friends,

Circle Welcome

It is a special pleasure to welcome you to my blog, Circle of Friends, International. This blog is inspired by the bonds of friendship I have been fortunate to maintain with many friends over a lifetime and others I have only recently met. Despite the length of our friendship, I have come to realize and appreciate the empowering effects of friendship, experiencing the ways in which it is a joyful & purposeful step towards actualization. I am honored that you have taken the time to visit this blog and hope that you enjoy the posts. Please do not hesitate to leave a comment or share a reflection or two about the value of friendship in your own life.


Marvalous Marva

2 Responses to Welcome to Circle of Friends, International

  1. charmaine wade-perry says:

    Sisters & Friendship.
    As sisters we share the same interest in reading which started from our childhood reciting nursery rhymes, playing silly little ring games, jacks & doll house. Later on our love for reading led us from Mills & Boons, to Shakespeare, Chaucer & now to the great conversation facilitator, the internet. Our friendship has grown based on blood, love of words, reading, love of the beautiful Caribbean Sea, the warmth of sun, poetry, living a Christian lifestyle & many more simple things. Sisters offer love, support, advice, solutions to problems & just being there as a friend through out life. Reach out touch your sister, touch a friend.

  2. marvalousmarva says:

    Thank you for these empowering words that bring back great childhood memories.

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